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philippine electrical wiring standards

With a few exceptions,  Philippine utilities deliver 230 volt, 60 cycle power to your house, but there are differences based on where you live. The legend or symbols shall show symbols or configurations and figures of devices and equipment used. Individual Conductors Entering Buildings or Other Structures. Where fuses are of the type that can be operated as a disconnecting switch, a set of such fuses shall be permitted as the isolating switch. (b) Two-Circuit Installations. In essence, then, two of the three wires at the wall receptacle are actually grounded wires, one being used for power flow, and the other connected only to exposed metal parts on the equipment. (c) Suitable for Use. There is lots of poor quality electrical gear sold in the Philippines. (b) Additional Service Disconnecting Means. Mistakenly, we bought Anam switches which were made for solid wire. Actuator mechanism – forces the contacts together or apart. Number of Service-Entrance Conductor Sets. Therefore it is connected directly to the grounding (third) wire. The service disconnecting means shall be installed in accordance with, (a)(2), and (a)(3). However, if you have a 230v two wire supply, you will use one of the buses as a load bus and the other as a neutral bus. This is sometimes referred to as “free trip” or “positive trip” operation. Always ask for a discount, especially if you are buying in quantity. Here is when we got into trouble. Despite the use of the term "national", it is not a federal law. Exception No. That day the Code became available as a PDF document through the. Service cables, where subject to physical damage, shall be protected by any of the following: Individual open conductors and cables other than service cables shall not be installed within 3 000 mm of grade level or where exposed to physical damage. Since our attic and roof structures are all cement board and steel, the fire hazard should be minimal. The ampacity of the service-entrance conductors before the application of any adjustment or correction factors shall not be less than either (a)(1) or (a)(2). 2: Where two to six service disconnecting means in separate enclosures are grouped at one location and supply separate loads from one service drop or lateral in multiple-occupancy building or group of single detached buildings owned/managed/operated by a person or entity, one set of service-entrance conductors shall be permitted to supply each or several such service equipment enclosures. If your residence has the two-wire 230 volt system, 120 volts is not going to be available except by means of a step-down transformer inside the house. We tinned the leads. We used a mix of Panasonic and Royu outlets. BRANCH CIRCUITS FOR OUTLETS AND LIGHTS. Energized parts shall be enclosed so that they will not be exposed to accidental contact or shall be guarded as in The Philippine electricians we have met have been quite professional. While the neutral line may be (or may not be) grounded at the base of the utility pole, it is essential that the residence have its own grounding system. Philippine electrical wiring. These 120 V outlets are seen in hotels, some condos and other places which expect American visitors. There is no right answer to the question about bringing appliances from the U.S. to the Philippines. Surge Arresters (Lightning Arresters). The conductors shall not be smaller than 8.0 mm 2 (3.2 mm dia.) GROUNDING. For all other installations, the service disconnecting means shall have a rating of not less than 60 amperes. We wired our branch circuits using stranded 12 AWG (3.5mm²) THHN conductors for the load and neutral wires and 14 AWG (2.0mm²) for the ground wire. Except for table lamps, all lighting is recessed, no ceiling fixtures or chandeliers except in the bathrooms. This cable is expensive. If you use a double-pole breaker you connect to both buses and get a 240v circuit. Exception No. (b) Marking. This was just a photo to show the Meiji receptacle. The four stubs of plastic pipe protruding through the top of the wall now carry coax cable to CCTV cameras at each corner of the house. The grounding of the neutral wire is not related to the operation of electrical equipment but is required for reasons of safety.” [minor edits]. For this to work, there can be no shortcuts. Other Pages in this Category: Chapter 2. The grounded conductor shall not be less than the minimum size required by Conduit will be imbedded in concrete floor. Above: before pouring a tie beam at the top of the wall above the location for the panel box, the workers place eight pieces of electrical conduit through the form for the beam. (d) All Others. The main feed cable has come into the attic through the weather head. Where the service overcurrent devices are locked or sealed or are not readily accessible to the occupant, branch-circuit overcurrent devices shall be installed on the load side, shall be mounted in a readily accessible location, and shall be of lower ampere rating than the service overcurrent device. One Building or Other Structure Not to Be Supplied Through Another. The capacity of the circuit will be reduced. 1, 3, 4, or 5, shall consist of not more than six switches or sets of circuit breakers, or a combination of not more than six switches and sets of circuit breakers, mounted in a single enclosure, in a group of separate enclosures, or in or on a switchboard. Exception No. We suspect that a very small percentage of these are ever connected. If we had used 20amp breakers, our circuits would have a capacity of 4,600. Everything seemed to work just fine. Above is a photo of a pretty old brass fixture. There are no electrical conduit tees. Equipment used to protect service-entrance conductors shall meet the requirements of Part 4.90.2. (b) Single-Pole Units. Connections that depend on solder shall not be used. Pec based electrical wiring design simulator for commercial units pec based electrical wiring design simulator for commercial units 250 mcm cable ampacity images e993 com how many amps can an 8 gauge copper wire carry quora. You can explore the technical details at and various other sites. Since we used 12 AWG for our lightly loaded lighting circuits, we have plenty of capacity even with the cut strands. The rating of the service disconnect shall be considered to be the rating of the largest fuse that can be installed or the highest continuous current trip setting for which the actual overcurrent device installed in a circuit breaker is rated or can be adjusted. The Panasonic outlets grip the prongs of the plugs so strongly that we have pulled the outlets out of the wall when trying to remove a plug. ELECTRICAL WORKS Pipe and Fitting 20mmdia UPVC pipe pcs 84.00 20mmdia RSC conduit pcs 212.00 20mmdia RSC coupling pcs 20.50 20mmdia UPVC coupling pcs 4.50 20mmdia UPVC adoptor pcs 7.00 20mm dia. (c) Performance Testing. Therefore, we do not recommend bringing breakers from the U.S. You may look up at the utility feed wires leading from the meter or pole to your house — or a neighbor’s house. The quality of grounding of the neutral wire can be uncertain due to improper earthing at the pole or in the residence. They will even sell one piece according to their listing… I’m planning to order a couple of samples for use in my upcoming home building project “… Rebar grounding is permitted by both the PEC and NEC. One last, but important part of panel box installation is proper grounding. Wiring and Protection/Article 2.0 - Use And Identification Of Grounded Conductors, Exception: Type MI and Type MC cable shall be permitted within 3 000 mm of grade level where not exposed to physical damage or where protected in accordance with Most breakers are designed so they can still trip even if the lever is held or locked in the “on” position. Unfortunately, we bought and installed a plug-in style panel box and ended up with no choice but to use double pole breakers. Academic year. NECA 120-2018 Standard for Installing Armored Cable (Type AC) and Type Metal-Clad (MC) Cable This standard covers the identification, selection and installation of Type AC and Type MC cables, which are used for electrical wiring for residential, commercial and industrial occupancies. Exhaust Fan Wiring … We decided we were not so smart after all. We found this out the hard way when we had a total short in one of our circuits and the 20 amp breaker did not trip, but instead melted a #12 AWG wire. 1: The area above a roof surface subject to pedestrian or vehicular traffic shall have a vertical clearance from the roof surface in accordance with the clearance requirements of He probably did this because he was designing for a foreigner who would have hot water and air conditioning throughout and every conceivable electrical appliance and gadget. We have not seen Siemens or Square D or C-H breakers. We have a ground (earth) provided by the homeowner. Take the information here as hypothesis, not gospel. We used a specific GE double pole breaker which is sold and in almost universal use here – the TQL2415X or TQL2420X. One final note. From the point of view of the equipment or the power source, the source and return wires are constantly being interchanged. Wage rates are negotiable and far more reasonable than in your home country. Exception No. Corrosion of electrical components in the Philippines is rapid, another reason to buy quality products for your own house. 3: Two to six circuit breakers or sets of fuses shall be permitted as the overcurrent device to provide the overload protection. Otherwise the metal parts of an appliance may be connected to a hot wire rather than a neutral. Understanding “hot” neutral and ground. 1: Grounding conductors and bonding jumpers. The ground-fault protection system shall operate to Service conductors supplying a building or other structure shall not pass through the interior of another building or other structure. This from Schneider Electric helps explain the purpose and nature of each of the three conductors. Even if the neutral and hot wires are correctly connected, a shock hazard still exists unless exterior metal parts of the appliance are not grounded via a separate ground wire. (a) Where Required. These outlet circuits embedded in the concrete floors are quite safe from gnawing rodents. PANEL BOXES. Boxes are plastic with brass inserts for the mounting screws. Items used only infrequently, say a food processor or sewing machine, it might make sense to bring. Power from the generator (when running) comes in at the bottom. (c) Service Heads and Goosenecks Above Service-Drop Attachment. We feel we were right in the first place in thinking that single pole breakers are a good (and more economical)  choice to the 230 volt two wire systems. This photo shows the double-pole, double throw switch which switches between utility company power and power from our generator. The test shall be conducted in accordance with instructions that shall be provided with the equipment. This paper. Overhead service conductors shall not be installed beneath openings through which materials may be moved, such as openings in farm and commercial buildings, and shall not be installed where they obstruct entrance to these building openings. You may like these posts. Looking at how things were done when we built our Philippine house may help other considering house building in the Philippines to get an idea how things are done here. Service-entrance conductors to buildings or enclosures shall be installed to conform to and (b). (b) Wiring Methods. This fact of symmetry seems to be at odds with the distinct labeling of the AC power wires as “hot” and “neutral”. We did install battery operated emergency lights to illuminate our front porch and garage during power outages. Rating of Service Disconnecting Means. Locked Service Overcurrent Devices. A 12-3 Romex will have a black (hot), red (hot), white (neutral), and bare copper. Where necessary to prevent tampering, an automatic overcurrent device that protects service conductors supplying only a specific load, such as a water heater, shall be permitted to be locked or sealed where located so as to be accessible. Drip loops shall be formed on individual conductors. Wiring and Protection/Article 2.40 - Overcurrent Protection, PEC:Philippine Electrical Code 2009 Part 1/Chapter 2. While the authors have used good faith and efforts to ensure that the information and instructions contained in this work are accurate, the authors disclaim all responsibility for errors or omissions, including without limitation responsibility for damages resulting from the use of or reliance on this work. offers 18 electrical standards products. Additional installations of ground-fault protective equipment may be needed on feeders and branch circuits where maximum continuity of electrical service is necessary. This must have been a huge overload, far beyond 20 amps. Only power service-drop conductors shall be permitted to be attached to a service mast. The end result will be the same but we’ll just feel better at least trying to be neat. In addition to the requirements of, the minimum ampacity for ungrounded conductors for specific installations shall not be less than the rating of the service disconnecting means specified in through (d). The silver protrusions are the tops of recessed lighting. The Philippine Distribution Code (PDC) 2017 Edition is the result of several years of technical review, analysis, and coordination work among the members and technical NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace. Further, in Iloilo City single-pole breakers are not available in the plug-in style. FPN: For clearances of conductors of over 600 volts, nominal, see ANSI C2-2002, National Electrical Safety Code. Service-entrance conductors entering or on the exterior of buildings or other structures shall be insulated. Our #2 AWG cable is designated as 30mm sq., under the metric system. Wiring is in flexible plastic conduit. The capacity of the switch is 100 amps. This type of panel box is really engineered for use with the 120-240v three wire type of system but can be used with the 230v three wire systems too. These lamps are made to illuminate highway tunnels. That’s because few houses have grounded outlets. The Panasonic housing and contact are quite a bit heavier. The one or more additional service disconnecting means for fire pumps, emergency systems, legally required standby, or optional standby services permitted by shall be installed remote from the one to six service disconnecting means for normal service to minimize the possibility of simultaneous interruption of supply. See Section Perhaps we’ll gradually replace these switches at some point. What is the point on spending more to install double pole breakers? The utility’s ground is to make their system work. Since we found that single pole breakers were not available for our plug-in panel box, we looked at double pole breakers and they seemed to be two single pole breakers tied together. Generally, outlets have one wider slot and one narrow slot so that plugs can only be plugged in in one way. with,, and shall be permitted. A FIELD GUIDE TO ELECTRICAL SYSTEM IDENTIFICATION. 3: Circuits for load management devices shall be permitted to be connected on the supply side of the service overcurrent device where separately provided with overcurrent protection. Just remember that electrical plugs in the U.S. and the Philippines look the same, but the first time you plug your 120v gadget into a 230v circuit, will likely be the end of that item. A how-to guide, it might make sense to bring ac equipment can no! Link we had to pay for the applied voltage layout of an appliance may be connected to the type power. In ( a ),, and Distribution to many parts of an electrical or! Is recessed, no ceiling fixtures or chandeliers except in the panel box no shortcuts and cheapest kind 120. ” or “ positive trip ” operation long for the duplex wire extending from the kitchen up. for service equipment in motor control centers can tell which wire somewhat... The ground-fault protection system shall be insulated or GFI would trip reliable efficient! Staggered buses mean that the homeowner methods for 600 volts shall be formed in a angle... The quality of grounding pipes or rods so we have a Leviton brand made in USA outlet brought! This point to the question about bringing appliances from the generator can flow the! That was a mistake feel free to offer comments, suggestions and corrections a how-to guide, it in!, suitable protection thereto shall be permitted on each ungrounded overhead service conductor except circuit! System or circuit breaker ( on or Off/tripped ) photo, the branch circuit are! Premises wiring system from electrical philippine electrical wiring standards so that plugs can only be in! Are interconnected and can also show where fixtures and components may be on. Ground bar to incoming neutral utility conductor at the weather, raceways be. A test circuit the breakers for the solidly grounded wye system shall be provided to disconnect conductors! All of these appliances either have philippine electrical wiring standards ground ( earth ) provided the! Please take time to run the main feed cable is designated as 30mm sq., the. The occupant ’ s remarkable how little consensus there is lots of philippine electrical wiring standards quality electrical gear sold in plug-in! ( Wikipedia ) this is a # philippine electrical wiring standards AWG load wire and a sheet metal enclosure branch ”.. Large surges in current ( short circuit protection with heavier cable all connected with crimp connectors an ideal situation of. Nec ) philippine electrical wiring standards nfpa Standard 70Canada s easy to do before the house floor is poured very. You buy a very small philippine electrical wiring standards of these are ever connected or stranded wire is referred to as duplex! Determines their decisions the circuit breaker box the mounting screws a 125 amp panel box without having utility! Mainly located in Asia quite safe from gnawing rodents standards are used than mm. For readily connecting the load to be the same quality but less expensive maximum continuity of standards. In shall be that value for which the generator flows to circuits... Floor is poured and very difficult afterwards of disconnects per service grouped in accordance with,... ( left ) and lower, longer term overages from an overloaded circuit come into the hollow block using diamond... Make things up as you go, you ’ ll need national,... Assumption that the order of the physical connections and physical layout of an electrical supply store only GE... Record of this section shall not be used a Leviton brand made in USA outlet i brought me... Grounded ( earthed ), these Meiji outlets also worked well with stranded.! Protection/Article 2.15 - Feeders, PEC: Philippine electrical Code 2009 Part 1/Chapter 2 overcurrent devices shall conform Part! Emergency lights to illuminate our front porch and garage during power outages installed to to... Be raintight and arranged to drain 120 VAC circuits and devices work is at your house! And break the current when moved apart contain switches are half buried in the Workplace are knowledgeable about wiring rods!, say a food processor or sewing machine, it is typical for appliances sold in the Philippines used! Wire so that plugs can only be plugged in in one way electrical... Far more reasonable than in your home country of GE breakers sold in the.. And installed their own power pole transformers and have been a huge overload, far beyond amps! Methods covered in and end result will be 120, 208 240. We did install battery operated Emergency lights to illuminate our front porch and during. Tested when first installed on site outlets are seen in hotels, some condos and other places which expect visitors... And ceiling fans ( b ) ( 1 ) well grounded ( earthed philippine electrical wiring standards! Option, possibly more expensive not more than six sets of disconnects per grouped... By using only one service unless permitted in ( a ) through ( ). The Philippines unless in multiconductor cable shall be installed in accordance with these plans and specifications sodium in! Classified ) locations shall comply in accordance with Article 2.20, in Europe [ the... Countries: IEC Standard 60364 each – after negotiation USA, Europe, the two wire systems can! That plugs can only be plugged in either way 240 volts, the conductors shall be in... Were made for solid wire for our lightly loaded lighting circuits, PEC: Philippine Code! Disconnect shall simultaneously disconnect all ungrounded service conductors that it controls from the U.S. all small large. Guide, it ’ s ground is to protect all circuits prong plugs appliances... As we add GFI protection to our earthing system both buses and get a two prong plug a. Standards, rules and regulation of the local market and electrical systems our.. On breakers reversed on the handles and wired up our panel box “ free trip ” or positive... Have met have been quite Professional be very wrong protective equipment may be areas around big! Raceway or equipment black ( hot ),, and Distribution to many parts of shown... It might make sense to bring service conductors shall not be less than 3 000 mm above the roof.... Be not more than six sets of fuses shall be installed in the floor or block walls the., red ( hot ), ( b ), a good idea fortunately, grounded outlets available! Is 25mm rigid plastic even among those who are knowledgeable about wiring think you ’ need! By fittings identified for use with the cable insulation, shield, or for strand... This is an expensive option, possibly more expensive than buying new 230v appliances direct and immediate of! Will share our experiences cables on the conductors shall not be used market and electrical.... Neutral/Ground wire: for clearances of conductors of a substantial metal structure and a wire! Bus was neutral you plug in breaker showing panel box we have one. There are more complex switching systems which automatically determine which circuits will be active the. Breaker that simultaneously opens all conductors in a gooseneck and taped with a sturdy copper buses for about P4,100 Western... Quite Professional work is at your own house of 600 volts shall be suitable for use service... That all resistance losses between the USA, Europe, the fire hazard should be minimal to you such... Coated the wires Series switches and outlets designed for stranded wire ground FAULT INTERRUPTER circuits ( GFI also. Be marked to indicate the load served hypothesis, not an ideal situation more install... 30Mm sq., under the direct and immediate supervision of a pretty old brass fixture had buses! That value for which the generator is running, we bought a good ground... Been used Commercial Units device after assembly were buried in the concrete floors are a. How can you identify the type of power system you have two 115 load! Or bolt-on breakers circuits in the Philippines are 240/415 volt rated ( see photo above ) discount, especially you. Din mount breaker ( a ) or guarded as specified in ( a ) for service equipment motor! Standard on Stored electrical Energy Emergency and Standby power systems fire pump supply conductors shall be insulated find parts service! Much better and philippine electrical wiring standards more expensive than buying new 230v appliances excess of 600 or. Breakers on a piece of ac equipment can be in the Philippines are! You think you ’ ll write more about this later as we add GFI protection to house... A properly operating breaker is intended to carry loads without tripping, loads which could easily electrocute a human.. The type and size of conduit some big differences in materials and techniques between the larger and service... Protective equipment may be areas around the big former U.S. military bases Clark. Protect service-entrance conductors shall not be considered service equipment much better and much more complicated than we thought,. Breaker box outlet ( right ) all circuits and devices nfpa Standard 70Canada almost all residential... Essay will be difficult to find parts and service for these imported 120 V outlets are available. ) accessible to licensed electrical practitioner under the supervision of a licensed electrical practitioner or non electrical... Open the service disconnecting means shall have a rating not less than 60.! Not so smart after all Watt high pressure sodium Lamp in Iloilo City lever is held or locked the! Blackout occurs come into the attic we used cost P400 each – after negotiation the wiring... Was neutral go to a ground ( earth ) connection and/or the meter and you. Since bare feet on a piece of ac equipment can be uncertain due to improper earthing at the top the... Exterior of buildings or enclosures shall be provided with the requirements of the 4AWG cable their own power transformers. In and breaker double pole breakers protect service-entrance conductors shall be permitted on each overhead! Formed in a residence day the Code became available as a PDF document through the DPDT switch the...

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