26/12 2020

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What does the 2008 crisis, illegal drug cartels, your mental health and seed saving have in common? Anybody worth their salt, when publishing an article, backs it up with documentation. Even the 300 seed libraries throughout the US can’t give away seeds or facilitate the exchange of seeds between organic gardeners unless they purchase a permit. What you may have heard is that Congress is voting on a bill HR 875 that some people are saying that it will make saving seeds illegal. People have been saving and sharing seeds for millennia. Seed Saving used to be one of the most important jobs there was – our ancestors survived because they saved the seeds that could be depended on to nourish people. Knowing the advantages of seed collecting will help you decide if you want to start your own seed bank. Here are some tips for farmers saving seed. It is time for some outdated, unconstitutional laws to be scrapped. Every year I have volunteer plants that sprout from my compost pile and the results are often very tasty. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If this smacks of corporate farming infiltration to you, you aren’t alone. He probably won’t be up til noon anyway. In looking at the comments, I see I am not alone in my belief that Ms. Sarich needs to get different job and stop writing nonsense. Seed Exchanges in Hawaii. A lovely and flowering garden is one of the many highlights of the year between March and September for many people. That doesn’t know what kind of government we have. Seed Saving Law: What Farmers Need to Know. You can save seeds from both summer and winter squash as long as the varieties are open-pollinated and not hybrid … Many seeds these days are for hybrid plants, but the seeds of hybrids won't grow true to the parent plant. ©2020 - All Rights Reserved. Now we all know you are insecure. Anthony Gucciardi needs to monitor and say bye to this one. You must be getting desperate, you started this johnny so tell us what our government is, I might even make you president of my fan club. Informally sharing seed with a neighbor who gardens down the street is illegal in multiple states in the US. Yes that’s the way to combat this evil menace. tubers) from vegetables, grain, herbs, and flowers for use from year to year for annuals and nuts, tree fruits, and berries for perennials and trees. Take care though, with warm weather approaching I will be way to busy helping my customer get their gmos in the ground and their fields sprayed and fertilized to mess with you very much. GM crops are significantly more expensive than conventional or hybrid crops. It seems everybody is getting in on the act. Like so many other senseless laws, this rule needs to be put to rest. Asgrow Seed studies since 1978 show that newly purchased seed has out yielded bin-run seed of the same variety 80 percent of the time, buy an average of 2.1 bushels per acre. Saving soybean seeds from one year for planting in the next has long been a practice on the farm. How Seed Laws Make Farmers’ Seeds Illegal, ... while scientific research is still allowed on PVP seed, farmers are now prohibited from saving and reusing such varieties. Oh wait it won’t be your own soil then- Monsanto will control your soil on your property. Seed Exchanges in Hawaii. Clean the seeds if necessary. I don’t think that’s accurate. Double trouble. For example, in some states you need to buy an annual permit and submit each lot of seeds for germination testing; if you don’t, you are defying the law. Saving and sharing open-pollinated seed through the Seed Savers Exchange promotes gardening goodwill and much-needed biodiversity. Researchers Say One Week of Eating Organic Can Help. Most Americans Have Roundup in Their Bodies. Throughout the world the laws vary regarding the use of this drug in any form, and where it is illegal to take it is usually illegal to possess the seeds. Overall, if you want to experiment with seed saving it could be an interesting project, but unless you know that have reliable varieties, we wouldn’t stake your whole garden on it. Informally sharing seed with a neighbor who gardens down the street is illegal in multiple states in the US. Another lie, since you already have replied to the posts I did this morning. Seed-transmitted diseases like common bunt and ergot can total out a crop in the worst case and can lead to rejection of the grain when you pull into the elevator. How to Save Seeds. The penalty for violating this ridiculous law is a fine of up to $7,500 a day. Throughout the world the laws vary regarding the use of this drug in any form, and where it is illegal to take it is usually illegal to possess the seeds. I agree these laws need to be changed. Seed saving, a thousand-year-old practice which forms the basis of … The effects of salvia divinorum are well known by most who experiment with recreational psychoactive drugs. In agriculture lingo, the practice is known as "seed saving"; farmers had been doing it for millennia before Monsanto started demanding that farmers not do so with the company’s genetically modified, patented seeds. — And you keep at it until you reach your goal, getting rid of the poster you are harassing. I will still check in on you to see if you have figured out what kind of government we have yet. Savings seeds is an act of revolutions and in many cases - illegal. Kauai Biannual Community Seed and Plant Exchange – is a well attended and much loved event, offered in Kauai since March 2008.It is a venue for growers and planters to gather and exchange non-invasive, non-GMO, plant materials, knowledge, as well as to build community. By controlling seeds, the bill takes the power to grow food away from the public and puts it in the hands of seed companies. yes I would like to know which states as well. Since the author mentioned Minnesota, I checked the Minnesota Dept of Agriculture website. I wonder what our resident GMO sucking trolls have to say about this. This drug is also commonly known in the southwest as a means to communicate with or experience a link with the divine. 3rd row. Biotech’s Bizarre World: 7 Genetically Modified Animals, Woot! Some are forming seed exchanges through local libraries like . Like so many other senseless laws, this rule needs to be put to rest. The seed emergency: The threat to food and democracy. This is a legal issue that farmers need to understand and ensure they follow to avoid costly fines and litigation. Big Owner of Monsanto Shares: Does Bill Gates Want Population Control? 6771 South Silver Hill Drive, Finland MN 55603, This material, provided for educational and informational purposes, constitutes a "fair use" of any copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law. When they were written they were not meant to include such things, but didn’t make provisions for them either. This crop is a field of KS2 pedigreed wheat grown near Carmangay, Alta. Christina Sarich is a humanitarian and freelance writer helping you to Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Portugués. OK I’ll bet our most imfamous GMO Monsanto sponsered troll will respond in oh, let’s see ….about 2 hours. resources: contact: about: volunteer: tv news: video: radio: print: questions : images: audio: video In fact, with most soybeans, this is perfectly legal as long as one grower isn't selling the saved seeds to another. Revealed: Monsanto predicted crop system would damage US farms Missouri farmer Bill Bader won a $265m jury verdict against Monsanto and BASF after alleging his … That’s pretty much it. Our food diversity is crumbling and it’s largely because corporations, not people, are in charge of the supply. while others are organizing their efforts through online seed swap groups.”, Mother Earth News April-May 2015 Issue, p. 4. What kind of government do we have Bobo? The most obvious illegality comes not from sharing seeds but from splitting certain types of … Home › Gardening Information › Seed Saving › What Are F1 Plants & Seeds: How & Why of F1 Hybrids I’ve noticed many ordinary growers are confused by the term F1 hybrid and some have completely wrong ideas about what F1 hybrids are and what the advantages and drawbacks of F1 hybrids … But I guess being so insecure you’ll answer any desperate call. No, just outing an Astroturfer. Who are Really the Top Shareholders of Monsanto? Most of her articles on here and other blogs are not factual or even well written. Saving seeds and growing most of our own food, or at least some in season, is prudent. This is the traditional way farms and gardens were maintained for the last 12,000 years. You can’t even give away seeds to someone in your own neighborhood under certain laws. However, if you live in the United States of America, you need to find reputable companies that ship to the country. So don’t listen to nay sayers that tell you that you can’t save seeds from hybrids. [3] Many heirloom vegetables have kept their traits through open pollination , while fruit varieties such as apples have been propagated over the centuries through grafts and cuttings .

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