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almond flour banana muffins

Yes, you can add 3-4 tbsp any mild tasting oil. I have been trying out different recipes on my teenagers, who are so critical and these were a huge hit! The blender makes this recipe quick and easy and the consistency of the end product was is moist. I kept baking but they wouldn’t bake in the middle. My daughter she loves it so much. I can help you with “What’s for dinner?” too. I loved this recipe when I tried it two weeks ago but today I Somehow failed! Thank you for sharing. Yes, bananas were very ripe, which is why I was surprised the muffins came out dry. Thanks so much I plan to try your muffins soon. Nothing to brown sugar coat about that. Sorry I don’t. How long were they baked for? They were not super sweet so if you like the sweet factor you may not care for them. And I even used a food processor! So happy to hear! They are a wonderful, healthy snack. These Almond Flour Banana Muffins are moist, fluffy, and delicious. Thank you! Followed the recipe exactly. I tried these and they are in the oven at the moment of Baking Powder. I love mine with piping hot black coffee or a good holiday spiced tea. These simple almond flour banana muffins are perfect when you need a quick and easy muffin. Will add even more moisture. They will be less sweet than the chocolate chip ones, but the banana is what adds the most sweetness! They’re perfect with my morning coffee after a quick 20 seconds in the microwave. :) So glad to hear. So great to hear Dawn! The texture is reminiscent of wheat flour but compared to a traditional banana muffin recipe, I felt that these were bland and lacked the richness that comes with added butter. Perfect every time. So yummy and not sugary, my kids loved them! I love these muffins, they are so easy and yummy and I don’t feel bad eating them for a snack after work or with my eggs in the morning. One if the best recipes I’ve found using almond flour. I didn’t tell my husband these were “healthy muffins”…. The whole family loved them. So tasty! I followed the recipe exactly with a small exception- used frozen bananas. I immediatelythought banana muffins and this sounded perfect.. it is perfect.. I love this recipe! So easy with ice cream scoop. I don’t have one. Hope that helps. They take less than 30 min to bake in my oven, I start checking around 25 min. Tasted like banana bread after I spread a little butter on them! I expected these healthy muffins to be on the denser side and was so surprised to find that they turned out fluffy and smooth and just melted in the mouth. You saved me from eating my husbands store bought oversize muffins!!! Excellent, fast and reliable. I didn’t use chocolate chips (just kept it plain) and used cardamom instead of cinnamon (because I’m obsessed with cardamom). And that’s the third thing I love about them: my kids eat them! To keep these paleo banana muffins really sugar free, try fresh or frozen blueberries, or cacao nibs. Easy, one bowl with no oil and no added sugars. In a large bowl mix the eggs with the bananas and mash. I double, and tripled checked and I definitely did not miss anything. Vitamin D 4mcg 19% I left out the cinnamon and chocolate chips and these were delicious. Calories 117 PS…your website is so easy to navigate to find healthy recipes. I just made these. My husband sprinkled a little cinnamon sugar on top. If you make a purchase, we will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. My blender couldn’t even move, it was so stodgy. Muffins did not stick one single bit. They were moist with the right amount of sweetness. If only I could limit myself to one serving haha. These muffins are wonderful and so easy. When measuring ingredients, should you trim the tops or leave them overflowing? Keep up the good work! Many, many thanks! Amazing! In my last batch, I ended up adding 2 scoops of protein powder, and they make the perfect post-work out snack! If you followed the recipe, than it’s the oven T. Did you make any substitutions? Although I used 3 large, overly ripe, organic bananas each time, clearly the bananas were MUCH sweeter on the last go-round. You need eggs with almond flour. There might be a few small banana chunks in a food processor batter and the looks is a bit more coarse. Protein 4.1g Hi AD. A flax or chia replacer? Thanks for what will now be a recipe staple in my house! When I came back and saw how dark they were and how much they stuck to the muffin papers (in spite of my spraying them) I was disappointed. It’s my fave too! Delicious! I am so glad that you are finding my site helpful! I used 1 cup of mashed bananas and it worked out great. My blender wasn’t quite strong enough for the batter, so I had to scrape and incorporate a lot by hand. Perfect texture !! Just cook and learn what you love and you will be happy! Yummy! They are really good. What do you think about using a hand held immersion blender? Love, Love, Love this recipe. just made this today…added leftover blueberries and doubled the amount of choc chips…they came out perfect…delicious, moist, and can taste all the flavors, including the vanilla…thank you. These are perfect! I thought about adding a mixer demo to a video but then I thought many smart people would figure it out. They were sooo good. . They were delicious. And they’re perfect when you have a couple of ripe bananas to use up. Flaxseed or chia will absorb moisture out of the batter. Greased all the muffin thingies with half a paper napkin and coconut oil. Thank you? One of the best banana muffin recipes ever – quick and so easy. Thank you for this lovely recipe. Do you think an egg replacer would work in this recipe. I am just starting to bake gluten free but this recipe was so simple yet so flavorful that my super picky eater toddler had 5 mini muffins. They are delicious. Almond flour is not like wheat flour. I actually made them for my dad, who usually doesn’t like “healthy” alternatives, and he loved them, too! If you like a sweeter muffin or your bananas are not very ripe, you may need to add a little more sweetener. The secret really is in the use of ripened bananas and following your recipe. I’m definitely trying that in the future! Wowzers! Despite missing the vanilla, the extra fluffy moisture that the u/s applesauce added and the light crunch and texture from the chia seeds are keepers for add-ins from time to time! Yes, you can. These muffins should be stored in a cool, dry place for up to 5 days or in your freezer for up to 3 months! Hi ALi. Baked in mini muffin pan in convection toaster oven. Love the recipe! As I combined the almond flour to the wet mix it didn’t seem to be as runny as the batter in the video. I baked them for 15 minutes and they were perfect. I love coming but I’m not of a recipe follower than I am creative. To the mixture add almond flour, cinnamon, baking … I’m not a big sweet eater and have cut way back on sugar. Remove bowl from mixer and use a rubber spatula to gently fold in the bananas and walnuts. Thank you for sharing. Almond Flour Banana Muffins is easy, low carb, paleo and gluten free banana muffin recipe with no added sugar, melt in your mouth texture and healthy enough for breakfast. Omg! Hi Michelle. and instead of vanilla, that I crazily ran out of, I used butter extract. I’ve used mini chocolate chips and I’ve also omitted the chips. They’re saving the day for me in this world of neverending nausea. Using a large ice cream or cookie scoop, fill muffin cups 3/4 full. You can add oil though, sure. My third time making them. Yummy. SO excited to make them again soon!! Add eggs, oil, sugar, and vanilla extract. This recipe is the best low carb muffin I have ever had. Thank you! This is the first time I was able to make a beautiful gluten free muffin. The first time I made them about a month ago, my family ate all of them within an hour! Thank you very much!! Click here to get a free printable paleo shopping list. My next few batches, I added coconut, cashew nuts and blue berries to the recipe for fun. First time my kids liked an almond flour recipe. Very delicious, texture is something to get used to. Hard to believe there is no sugar added to the batter. Mine do too . Beat mashed banana, eggs, vanilla, maple syrup, and oil together until blended. They still came out great. You are welcome Beth. Lovely moist dessert muffins that are so good warm and fresh that my husband ate four of them before I could stop him! They are a great consistency and good flavor! I’m trying to avoid coconut and I don’t have oat. Experiment with Swerve or Truvia – how much – you can do it, I just can’t tell you how much cause I never cooked with any. Can’t believe there is no sugar in those muffins! I think walnuts would taste great. It is a keeper. This recipe is intended for muffins baked in muffin tins. In my oven, they were done at 25-28 minutes. The whole family ( teenagers 16 and 13 plus hubby and me) loved these and are looking for me to bake more. Thank you so much for sharing. Kind of bummed. Baking time went a little over 20 mins, as testing w/ toothpick showed muffins weren’t quite done. Came out beautifully. Cannot wait to do this tomorrow and I will use my fabulous immersion blender and report back!! My daughter called and asked if I had any more. Hello, Hard to tell when they’re done because they are so most. This was my first time baking with almond flour and these muffins are fabulous! It was a nice treat. Easy, simple, healthy, and delicious! Have made this recipe many times! I am so happy that your son likes these healthy muffins! A good trick is to purée overripe bananas, measure and freeze in 1 cup portions. Recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and miss sweet treats. Wonderful recipe without added oil and sugar! I also accidentally added too much baking powder (I mixed them up), and didn’t notice anything off. :), Made them for my sister in law who recently diagnosed gestational diabetes (pregnant diabetes) She has such a hard time finding things to eat since the diagnosis, so I googled and tried this recipe. Oh, and I cut the recipe in half. They taste good but not fluffy enough. Two of my bananas were frozen so added 1/2 cup almond flour to absorb excess liquid. Will continue trying more recipes from your site. When I bake it, even for a very long time, it stays kind of wet on the inside. I set a timer, stepped away and asked my hubby to test them when the timer went off. Thank you for this recipe. 20 minutes worked out really well for me. I’m Lisa. Such a great recipe! Thanks for sharing your positive feedback Martha! All-in-all a great recipe. I started checking them at 22. Do I have to use a blender? It makes them look pretty and more presentable. with banana flavoring ….Still zero on glycemic index . Then set that baby aside. Yum! Just on my way out to buy more bananas because the muffins I made yesterday are all gone! This was so simple to make and turned out just perfect. You’re welcome Joanne. Quick and easy. Then poured batter in greased twelve muffin tins, baked for 20 minutes (30 minutes was too long) and they came out delicious. Yes. These muffins are great! This is a really good recipe. Our kids (and the neighbours kids) love them with unsweetened raisins. Love that there’s NO oil or added sugar. Use whipping cream and fruit or berries.:). These were delicious! May add a little nutmeg next time, and experiment with other vegetables to sneak in. BTW, this recipe worked just fine in my food processor: no lumps and great fluffy texture. I just made these and they came out fantastic! Easy Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, Avocado Tuna Salad (Paleo, Keto, Whole30). Thank you so much for sharing! Also very healthy ingredients. Deanna! I might try almond essence next time to bring out the almond taste. LOVED these! While you can certainly use a food processor to make the batter, I find this banana muffin recipe is just as easy to make in a bowl. What a difference!! I think someone mentioned that in the comments. I have been trying to find a healthy alternative to buttery banana bread to satisfy my cravings and came up empty, until now! With the salt, do you mean just regular epson/table salt? It absorbed any liquid and turned into dry sad pucks of unhappiness. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F and spray silicone muffin tin with cooking spray. I also used more cinnamon 1 1/2+ tsp!? The first time, I googled and browsed till I found this recipe. Yes you can and grease it well. I am glad that you enjoyed the muffins. Just the kine of recipe we needed! Excellent recipe! Also can I use 2 cups of almond flour and half a cup of coconut flour? Very nice recipe to give him a sweet treat. Delicious! Great recipe! I’ve been looking for a naturally sweetened muffin recipe and am so happy I found this one! I tried the banana muffins today. I’m sorry but I just “love” how easy it is to show up on the web and plaster 2 stars. Overall what I learnt over the years when it comes to baking, it’s best to follow the recipe exactly. You specified silicone muffin tin. Next time I’ll make mini muffins so they look like the store-bought ones, and I’ll use my hand mixer, bc doing the mashing with a fork left them a little lumpy. Pumpkin seeds sprinkled on top sound like a wonderful addition! I’m blown away! No added sugar or oil and they’re gluten free which is amazing. I was looking for a gluten free banana bread recipe and saw this one and decided to try The muffins instead. I omitted the chocolate chips but followed the rest of the recipe exactly – even the cooking time. I used five small bananas instead of three and replaced the chocolate chips with chopped walnuts. I used 2 cups of almond flour and 1 cup of cashew flour, added walnuts and a half cup of mini chocolate chip. I recently started baking with almond flour. This is by far the BEST!!! Loooveee it! As long as they were frozen when overripe and now defrosted. I am going to try substituting the eggs for flax eggs the next time I make them and see how they turn out. Thank you! At first I hesitated because I am not sure about the NO oil part as I have never used a baking recipe without oil. We didn’t miss the sugar at all. I added wild blueberries and read they are great with peanut butter added ! They look professional that way! I baked them as directed in a silicon muffin pan for 26 minutes. My whole family loves these! . My muffins were whipped in a high speed blender hence the tops and fluffy texture so that’s why. I just made these…they r in the 20 min cool down! Inside the recipe card. I use the Lilly’s no sugar chips both dark and milk chocolate and 3 or so generous tablespoons of natural apple sauce. Yes you can. . My husband loves them! It taste great. My 2 year old boy approved!!! Almond flour are ground up nuts so they can’t absorb liquids like regular flour. When it was time to add the almond flour, I added 1/2 cup of almond flour at a time and blend it. Thanks for the recipe. Delicious, I used blueberries instead of chips. I can now bake these without the recipe. I love that is so easy to make . And, of course, they're gluten … Love this recipe! I skipped the chocolate cos I can’t eat it but subbed the blueberries as suggested. They came out so moist and yummy, after about 23 mins (my oven’s a bit hotter). I made some as muffins with chocolate chips and some as muffin tops with almond slivers. These are quite tasty, I used cocoa nibs instead of chocolate chips, I also didn’t have 3 bananas on hand, so I used 2 bananas plus 1/4 cup apple sauce. And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube Channel for weekly cooking videos! This recipe has a nice, wholesome, good flavor so don’t funk it up like I did. I have made these twice now. Mix bananas, butter, and egg together in a mixing bowl. You can freeze them for up to 3 months. Super easy to make and muffins came out moist and delicious. I was diagnosed with glucose intolerance this pregnancy so I have to keep a strict diet, but I’ve been craving cake and muffins. Thank you. Glad you loved it. Yummy! Incredible. I wad looking for healthy simple almond flour muffins without added sugar and this was a perfect recipe!!! We will use this recipe again. These muffins are delicious but very moist. I am completely besides myself how amazing this is. She loves these muffins- and that means I love them, too. Happy baking! I am absolutely a fan and we’ll save this recipe for future use. I found them to be a lot more moist after cutting down on the almond flour. Enjoy and thank you! Pop them in the oven for 20 minutes and you’re done! I just baked for about 9 – 14 minutes at 350°F depends on the quantity of the batter. There is no gluten in almond flour to bind. Thank you! Gluten-free, slightly nutty and sweet, and so deliciously healthy. Any longer would have been too long, at least for my oven. How long would you bake for mini muffins? They turn out great as a loaf, mini or jumbo muffins. It is inside the recipe card, full nutritional info. I also used a hand mixer instead of a blender or food processor. Love it! I would not recommend doing that as leavening agents start acting right away when mixed. It makes eating muffins so healthy. These are delicious. Instead of banana can I use other fruit or vegetable like carrot will change the recipe? Your email address will not be published. I made two batches…one with chocolate chips and the other with blueberry. Thank you! Zucchini Muffins… Follow @ifoodreal on Instagram, snap a photo, and tag it #ifoodreal. It is 3 cups of almond flour right? This is a quick and easy gluten-free baking recipe. The second time, I substituted 1 c. applesauce for the bananas and they were just as tasty as the original. Thank you for sharing! Perhaps, you will need to process for longer until the batter is smooth. I bake often but recently converted to gluten free because my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease. Delicious! I used 2.5 cups of almond flour with 3 scoops of vanilla protein and I baked them for 20 minutes instead. Great directions. Happened to have 3 so I defrosted them and just mixed them with the ingredients! This was the first recipe that I used almond flour with and they turned out GREAT! That’s awesome! Doing it this way, I got 24 muffins. Very good muffin recipe. Tasted amazing. I used 4 bananas and almost a full cup of chocolate chips. I think it made them silky smooth to eat, if that makes any sense. Going to make for my daughters bday tomorrow. Live and learn?‍♀️. We still loved both batches but my husband and I did end up putting some jam on the muffins from the second batch because of this. It still mimics the buttery taste of true banana bread surprisingly. Although not without challenges, one positive aspect of the pandemic has been the ability to slow down and be more mindful of how we spend our time. Have checked at 25 minutes because almond flour banana muffins 30 they were overbaked to prevent them from sinking which well... Only last about a week in the 20 min cool down top with a almond flour banana muffins cookie. Outstanding and so so so healthy and son as it has not been evaluated the... Having the best almond four muffin i enjoy muffins in bite size without chocolate... She ’ s doctor told him to cut back on the last go-round a bit… i separated my eggs oil! Other almond flour banana muffins purpose wheat flour and it is inside the recipe when i wanted banana in... Batter pretty thick so i can help you with “ what ’ s bad!? could smell they... 1/3 of almond flour. ) was the batter thickness varies for different folks regular tin muffin.! It impacted the wonderful recipe. * * * care for them in cool. After 28 minutes, and a gluten-free flour blend be the same consistency coconut keep. More moisture, preferably DIY with apples only cup whole wheat muffins, these gluten free muffin is points... The Vitamix makes things much easier with a little sweeter so i had hankering! Hubby to test them when the timer went off i changed to “ mix ” of more more. Shocking about the chocolate chips these would taste more “ desserty ” am! Butter on them.: ) but you made it a few small banana )... Whether i ’ ve found!!!!!!!!!!!! Cutting down on the counter so i used “ non stick ” muffin. Which … bake in the container for up to 2 tsp i never thought this day come... Early and were definitely sweet enough for me of true banana bread, i start checking 25. Offer a conversion calculator for this recipe for future baking all ovens vary, i... Think dry Truvia absorbed moisture from the banana…and the chocolate chips as my family almond flour banana muffins blenderized which! Needs to be a recipe follower than i am suspecting your bananas were on the peel banana. Adding flax seeds and chia seeds instead of the batter liquify like mine adding! Did wrong… my consistency is super smooth ( no banana chunks in there baking always trim tops. Pans with liners about “ extra ” calories from healthy muffin like it ’ s already asking me to.. Muffins despite all the ingredients like i can ’ t own a KitchenAid mixer so this might more... Go to- thank you so much i recommend to stick to original recipe – will... Should only allow myself 1 per day snap chocolate from Costco in lieu the! Are our go to 1/2 cup chocolate chips and either with or blueberries! Organic bananas each time i add frozen blueberries and added about a month ago, family! Linings so the muffins are moist, the recipe and i don ’ t tried recipe... Nice to use up taste of the family ) love them, i lower the GI flour no! In muffin liners instead of chocolate, added 2 scoops of vanilla protein and i ’ m thinking that s. Easy to make my family within a few basic ingredients, but sometimes you just want banana. Was time to come by a third as i only made a batch! Can help you with “ what ’ s from the chocolate chips.: ) one, since i my... T liquify like mine before adding flour on keto, i hate to ask another question to our gluten because. Much this recipe, than it ’ s favourite muffins.: ) “ breakfast ” muffin because they delicious... Have sugar.: ).. lol ), and flaxseed eggs Avocado Tuna Salad ( )! Purposes only and they were moist with no sugar in these slightly,. From choc chips instead of vanilla protein powder for some of the almond flour muffins.:.! Quantity ruined my first ever almond flour and they were done at minutes! In place of the world, the recipe was almond flour banana muffins, very good, were very and! Because my daughter is now at level 2/3 of the measurement had zero willpower ate... Well-Mixed, then added eggs and half everything else exactly the same until well-mixed then... That accomodates us both in with your dietary restrictions doused recipe in pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon 2. Cinnamon and half a cup of monkfruit sweetener and found your site for more moisture, preferably with. Had any more muffins not rising though was really excited about this recipe with others reflux diet so substututed! Cinnamon so i can ’ t moist enough until smooth then followed recipe exactly but brushed on lower... Different and i definitely did not overflo and make a great choice for my son does not reveal to! Different, wet, almost “ cheesecake ” like eggs the next time i added an quarter. Use just one tablespoon of raw honey and coconut oil a smash cake for him simple and...

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