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is spectrum olive oil real

I wrote to Trader Joe’s about their olive oil and this was their reply which satisfies me: Thank you for contacting us, and we do truly appreciate your interest in our Trader Joe’s olive oil products. I had no idea that there even was fake olive oil! Read for yourselves: Temecula Olive Oil Company makes high quality olive oil products. I had heard of this before, but didn’t realize the problem was so pervasive. That’s not to say I think Costco sells quality, but I wouldn’t dismiss them just because it’s Costco. If you have further questions beyond what I have covered here, please feel free to contact us. She travels to Italy, Spain, Greece and Australia’s olive groves during the harvest season, meeting suppliers and taking part in the process of putting together each of our high quality olive oils. Its a big deal for us because we have food allergies in our home. correctly in Explorer but looks great in Firefox. In the fridge it gets solid as a rock…I know it’s the real stuff because it’s having the same slimming effect that authentic Olive oil used to give me. Antonia Louise Longo — It made me giggle, too. I heard somewhere in all the controversy that walnut oil has almost the exact same fatty acid profile, and therefore it gets used a lot to fake people out. It looks like they get it from farmers on the coast overseas as well… how can we be 100% sure? There’ve been arrests in Spain, Greece, the entire Mediterranean, really.There are small-scale producers in Italy doing things right, just like there are producers here in the U.S. doing things right. This is a measure of free radicals, essentially, and should be as low as possible. Also had a nice ‘green olive’ flavor, slightly peppery. But when I learned of this adulteration problem, I became suspicious. The fraud is usually at the level before the distributors, with the various organized crime families creating or adulterating fake olive oil to sell to distributors. Tonight (Jan 3, 2016), CBS News: 60 Minutes had a segment on the Mafia’s involvement in every aspect of the food business – including olive oil from harvest to table – and what young Italian olive growers are doing about it. I am trying to find out if Kirkland extra virgin olive oil is unrefined. I have also tried a bottle of olive oil from a named orchard in California, another trustworthy sign. Thank you so much for sharing this! Do you have any advice to help fix this problem? They also won’t work if you have javascript disabled. corn oil sucks, you should dump it! If Dauro is a good oil, then good for them and you and anyone else who buys it! Did not solidify in the frig. Mr. Mueller did not happen to test the TJ Spanish oil. Christopher Dutton & Holly Delahaye — Tom Mueller, the author of the book, says that to his knowledge Costco is the best large retailer at sourcing quality oils. Its all good! Thank you. I believe authorities should take action on the price our farmers are getting for their produce, whatever produce it is, and distribute the profits more evenly between producers (farmers) and the distributors, cut down or eliminate unnecessary intermediates and therefore making sure our farmers get the right return for their investments. Oh that’s odd. [LEARN MORE]. She’s a passionate advocate for REAL FOOD — food that’s sustainable, organic, local, and traditionally-prepared according to the wisdom of our ancestors. Greetings! Also, I really like the sound of Chaffin Family Farms. At Trader Joe’s we require FDA regulated GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) program of our vendors. HACCP is a systematic approach to identifying, evaluating and controlling food safety hazards. I know it can travel long distance as well. It never solidified, even a little. First, the aroma. Apparently no ‘real’ human being is affiliated with this company. Hi there, after reading this remarkable paragraph i am also delighted to share my familiarity here with mates. So, they justify their actions by saying it’s for public health & safety. They are throwing away the opportunity to be a leader in selling quality olive oil, but they are failing miserably, asuming their customers are just as clueless as they appear to be. Our unfiltered and unrefined oil exceeds the stringent quality standards set by the International Olive Council. However, we only press ONCE to produce a sought after, health giving olive Oil. The most common form of adulteration comes from mixing extra virgin olive oil with cheaper, lower-grade oils. I have not tried the California Olive Ranch olive oil, but other readers have reported back that it’s the real deal. And although it’s not an absolute guarantee (b/c gov’t and its committees are often corrupt or can be bought), a seal or guarantee of quality by the IOOC can also indicate quality. The only way to produce cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive oil is to work the whole process yourselves. My husband is very picky about that! But I do soak most of my veges and fruits in lemon juice and vinegar and rinse thoroughly. However, expensive olive oils can be using price to assure you of purity when they may in fact be adulterated. I test commercially sold olive oils a lot and have found hardly any that are not rancid or adulterated. (Authentic olive oil is sensitive to sunlight, so is sold in dark, colored bottles or in cans). Spectrum Naturals Think about it…. I assure you it’s as real as it gets! I’ve started buying only Californian Olive Oil. Creamy Mexican Cheese Dip — Without Velveeta! Hi, I was wondering why you do not mention high quality olive oils made in the United States. I also have been researching the whole olive oil debacle as I’m wanting to ingest only the real thing sans genetically modified additives! Pompeian it also doesn’t mean “healthy”. Think about it….. The *most* important thing is to know that it was sourced from a single family farm or perhaps a small co-op of growers. If olive oil is perishable, under what conditions were these olives grown and harvested? I am going to have to research this more. It has fabulous taste and is reasonably priced. ~Kristen (AKA FoodRenegade), Elisabeth Carrozza Wilkins via Facebook says. Unfortunately, according to Mueller’s book, COUNTRY OF ORIGIN doesn’t matter. Thanks for all the good articles on healthy living. It comes in a tall dark bottle. California Olive Ranch Thank you for the helpful information, especially the reference to the CA Olive Oil Council! I can’t afford to buy it every time because I use a lot of olive oil but I always have some on hand. Thank you. Do you still buy Equal Exchange’s olive oil? A friend had a different brand of Organic olive oil she bought at Costco, so she did the fridge test. How can you tell if your olive oil has gone rancid? I am totally going to test it now! It is a fungus in the soil. Anyhow, I put that book on par with things like Tomatoland for making me paranoid about anything for which I don’t know the source. As much as I would love to have a Trader Joe’s near me, their olive oil almost always fails the refrigerator test from what I hear. I’m so sick of not being able to trust where any of my food comes from anymore unless I grow it myself, which is impossible. Did you know that the Mob makes money hand over fist by selling you fake olive oil? In simple terms, best to ask a few things to help assure you are actually getting quality, fresh extra virgin olive oil: I haven’t been able to find anything online about the purity of that particular brand, but my google-fu may be off. Good info to know, though. By the way, from what I recall most Greek oil is picked by hand (possibly by a lot of Albanians besides Greeks! Awesome and knowledgeable people to talk to as well! Which is truly what makes this oil sacred..It will work.. God is aware of all fraudsters and mobsters. I think EVOO is over-rated anyway. Most imported extra virgin olive oils are questionable for authenticity. However, olive extracts and polyphenols can be added to adulterated oils, and those pass the taste test even though they are not pure olive oil. I put my Kirkland (Costco) Filippo Berio Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the fridge and it’s clear as day, and liquid as can be. The “fridge test” is completely unreliable — like flipping a coin to determine extra virgin status: No substitutes or additives are EVER mixed in with our olive oil. No wonder my Field Day Organic can’t keep my olive oil lamp wick lit! All three have been COOC certified for 2012. Costco. Hope to see a difference! And they don’t care about that. For everyday use. We have to support the producers who do the right thing by buying their higher priced, but superior (real, in this case!) My in-laws owned some olive trees in my Father-in-laws native village. We have it on good authority that Costco’s Kirkland brand of EVOO is probably the only REAL olive oil made with Tuscan olives available in the US (that we know of). Etc etc. This scam has existed for decades. Our olive oils are always stored at low temperatures until shipment. NO vegetable oils are good. Just use coconut oil. Choose an olive oil that is protected by green glass. Keep up the great work! I used to live near them as of last year. In other words, if you find a major brand name olive oil is fake, it probably isn’t the brand’s fault. Sure, try coconut oil, unrefined and smelling of coconut, and try sustainable palm oil or shortening from Tropical Traditions. Mueller’s book is deeply engaging, reading like a typical suspense novel or crime drama rather than a news story. Buy from a local producer directly if you want real extra-virgin. Yours concerned, Please Do some research, Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Another friend, who lives in Israel, tells me that the big Italian brands are most suspect while middle-eastern brands are more trustworthy. . Organic certification requires a lot of inspection, so it stands to reason that buying organic might help? Imported olive oils certified by the IOC are most likely pure. This olive oil comes from the olives of their groves, is pressed by them and bottled by them. Reviewed in the United States on July 26, 2017 This has been my favorite olive oil for a long time, I won't use any other. Now more than ever! I stuck my Trader Joe’s Italian cold pressed 100% virgin olive oil in the fridge, and after a day it barely had any tiny clumps at all. Rachel Ray If it was certified organic AND from a domestic producer AND from a small, family farm, then I’d think it’s a good bet even if I didn’t personally know the farmer. WHAT?! it doesn’t guarantee authenticity for anything. You do not pull a fast one on Costco (or Walmart) and expect to stay in business. Bragg’s is so good with all of their products. Wouldn’t that make the same brand label have different oil combinations inside, at different times of the year? Very interesting and insightful article, but one that begs an useless point. Encapsulated and bottled in the US. I also thought this book was fascinating. This is enlightening. To be clear, I do *not* buy food at Costco (nor chain grocery stores either), but I know a little bit about how they do business. America’s endemic areas are located in Arizona, California, Texas, Nevada, Utah and New Mexico. I left it in there for several days before finally taking it out to use it, though. I read with great interest the above report. Same here, I don’t use much olive oil either. Well, I have to say that each season we receive a few bottles of olive oil by friends. This is not new… it’s been going on for hundreds of years! Well, now I’m inclined to call them and ask them if they sell any winterized oil. In almost all cases, they buy their oil from distributors who promise it’s 100% extra-virgin olive oil. Consumers desire for unreasonably cheap goods is a huge part of the problem as well. Thank you for your respected efforts! With stones? me too -do I have to grow EVERYTHING myself? I can assure the oil is the real deal. Margaret, I think that’s covered by the part where I said, “Artisan and locally-produced olive oils (the variety you can find from domestic small family farms) have always passed every single test of authenticity. What about the’s extra virgin olive oil they have? We can not. To have a fragrant massage oil, add several drops of lavender or peppermint. It should start with a mildly grassy aroma. I’m not saying their olive oil is fake, but I do know that I’d still prefer to source oil from an individual farm or co-op rather than Trader Joe’s given what they just wrote. Thanks again for getting the word out about this. I know of no scientific evidence of the ” fridge test” as a way to know if olive oil is adulterated. The scandal isn’t just limited to Italy. Can someone else comment on this? I love Olive Oil and I find ethical just to mention you the beauty of this Olive Oil. for years I been trying to find real olive oil my doctor told to get the real olive oil some are so fake and unhealthy for me , check on the bottle and the color of it , The real olive oil is a must for thyroid and Cancer problem. Spectrum organic extra virgin olive oil first cold pressed. I’m with Ronda on Costco being very conscious of their product quality, however I don’t believe this is totally true in food cases. If you hate TJ’s that’s fine, but I’d like to know where your statement came from. It made sense though as the flavor never” matched up.” My new diet excludes oils and I am glad. California-based olive oils are most likely pure, especially those that have the name of the orchard on the label. Uh, yeah. Bottom line is, find the real stuff and it is amazing. “Regular” olive oil: The bottle will just say “olive oil” or “pure olive oil,” in an attempt to rise above its station. I just saw that one study and thought “hmmmm”. Olive oil is a staple of the Mediterranean diet and its long list of health benefits is constantly growing. Is anything untouched? Because ‘they’ say so? I’ll trust her. I then went to the grocery store and purchased a bottle of canola oil, organic because I don’t want to die. Fake oil does taste fake if you’ve ever actually tasted the right stuff. wow that’s one of the WORST things you could use. It has thickened some but still very pourable with some of it looking as thin as before refrigeration. [Please note that these statements are my opinions rather than a statement of definite fact or governmental official statements.]. Perfection is unattainable. Authentic Spanish olive extracts from Island Family Farms™. I feel like we can’t trust anybody in the food industry anymore. 8 FL OZ, 12.7 FL OZ, 25.4 FL OZ. Will be doing the tests on my chosen oil to see if it passes. tell me Bragg olive oil extra virgin is fake or pure.I want it for treatment of my son but could not find pure olive oil in Karachi Pakistan. We have a farm in the North Island of New Zealand. slightly cloudy at room temperature and easily solidified in the fridge. I urge you to seek out his article and see what you think. Journalist Alex Renton shares this story: I conducted a blind tasting of extra virgin olive oils a few years ago for a national newspaper that wanted “the truth on expensive olive oil”. Or know anything more? Any idea if the oils at Trader Joe’s are ok? It’s because we have labs now that can make fake oil taste almost as good (if not better) than the real thing. All the others are crap so this is all we use. It’s a family farm in N. CA. But short of that, here are some general indicators: These tests are by no means infallible, but it’s a good place to start. I use avocado oil, since I live in California. Thanks for the connection to real oil as well. Berkeley Olive Grove is 100% certified organic and sustainably dry-farmed (rain-irrigated). If so, it means that the olive oil can still be a pure olive oil, but it’s had the stearates (a saturated fat that ought to make up about 5% of an extra-virgin olive oil) removed. It’s the law. Great olive oil that you can sip and is peppery and delicious!! Polyphenols are antioxidants (healthful) and can range very greatly between varieties of olive and production/milling techniques. Their honey IS one of the ones that has had most of the pollen removed. I have been buying this first cold pressed evoo bc i read it was the best. therefore, you should buy spanish olive oil, which usually has much better quality than italian and with no doubt american, which is made from high intensity olive tree cultivation and is no good…. You get lunch and a gallon of the first press from the year’s harvest. Or enjoy it simply – drizzled over crisp, fresh salad greens with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. It’s tasty and easy enough for me to pick up at a few grocery stores in my area. organic only means pesticides and fertilizers aren’t used. Each year they let people help harvest the olives. I saw that a 3L bottle costs 75 dollars…….guess I’m stuck with what I am purchasing, sadly. Thrilled to read posts like yours that help educate folks on the industry. I’ve long been advocating that the fridge test is completely invalid. This is really good to know and share – thanks. This oil meets and exceeds the International Olive Oil Council's stringent standard of quality and purity. Sounds like I need to bump it up in the queue. Coconut oil rocks! After every shower, apply a generous amount in your body so that it’ll sink into your skin. (6). Thank you so much for posting about this! That’s one reason I haven’t purchased it before. You’ll need javascript running and your ad blocker turned off if you want to see any links on my Resources page. Have you tasted it to see its quality? Here’s what I don’t get isn’t this what the FSMA was supposed to “protect us from” where are the raids with full assault teams and confiscating entire store warehouse and letting it spoil. It’s fantastic. Thank you. That’s the year that more than 400 Italian police officers conducted a lengthy investigation dubbed “Operation Golden Oil” which led to the arrest of 23 people and the confiscation of 85 farms. I didn’t think you could do that and still call it “extra-virgin,” but maybe I’m wrong. Good learn that somebody is actually trying to do something about it!!!! It is produced by one of Spain’s best producers that has won the best delicate olive oil in Spain 5 times since 2005 and used at the Nobel Prize Award Banquet 6 times since 2006. I’m definitely going to get to know them now. We have to ask: did this come from a small farm or co-op of farms exclusive to a single valley or locale? I’m going to attempt to find a legit olive oil at my local grocery store. The conclusion I had come to was that the refining process of making olive oil virgin or extra virgin must remove all the vitamins and make it more difficult for the body to process. McEvoy Ranch Organic”, Here’s the above link: Its probably obvious that I have been reading a lot lately about the fragility of olive oil and the importance of it staying cool and dark. Anyone who knows the answer can you kindly respond? Through our history our olive oils have ranged between 0.05% (lowest readable) and 0.14%., Three of the six he rejected outright as blatantly defective; one he said was “tired” (ie, degraded to the point of barely passing minimum threshold of the low-ball International Olive Commission’s “extra virgin” standard) and yet the label the claimed it would still be good for two more years. Inevitably, now that it is so popular, some companies [from the 60 Minutes piece, above, we know the Mafia is behind this] have found a way to increase their profits from the sale of olive oil by – gasp! 3.LIGHT is also an enemy of olive oil. I bought Trader Joes ‘Kalamata’ and refrigerated it, overnight. Please tell brag olive oil extra virgin is real or fake or mixed? Also, you might let it sit in there longer. I will not buy or eat anything grown in Bakersfield, CA or Arizona!!! The olive oil she sells comes from a small co-op of farms — not an international supplier. good to know, Louise! This oil cost twice as much os the Western Family olive oil, but I want the real deal. Beginning in 2011, Duke University publishes information on adulterated olive oil; those results can be found on (1); on their site, click the Search tab, and type ‘Olive oil’ in the search field to get the results. You must first disable your ad blocker or enable javascript for the page. Please email me at Old news….soapmakers knew this 5 years ago. Real European Olive Leaf Extract. Regards, That is like saying why gamble on Grass fed beef or chicken, or wild caught seafood. Worthy general info & advice. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. It is more expensive than the Spectrum Organic olive oil, so I buy it only when the store is out of Spectrum. But what make you think “Bionaturae” is any better or even legit for that matter? Super-strength, high-dose formula. I was really shocked too! You know just by tasting. I put my Kirkland (Costco) branded Extra Virgin Olive oil in the frige last night. At this point, I’m willing to trust Bragg, since they have been such a great vendor for me in my years of health-oriented food efforts. Another way to know if it is EVOO is to taste it raw. Mezzetta I can say that this company makes real olive oil! I learnt about this last year after visiting an olive grove where I was temporarily living. You only get the health benefits if its the real deal. How about just saying there’s no reliable way to test store-bought fake and adulterated from real extra virgin? He generously agreed! I bought the WFN bottle because I saw the TJs was not solidifying (at first), but it looks like that if this were a blind test, the TJs would actually have “won” over the WFN. Jacquie Kuck Wood — If you have javascript disabled or an ad blocker running, it will interfere with the links on that page from showing up. Most every brand, from fancy & expensive to cheap Alpo types had either none or just trace amounts of the supplements (there’s no regulation over this sort of thing in dog food). Since you are selling olive oil through your site – I cannot for a moment think that you are unbiased. Most articles discuss taste, calories, purity. Our trees are all Mission, the California heirloom variety and one particularly high in polyphenols (antioxidants). Suddenly olive oil prices soared, and formulations weren’t giving the usual results. I’m lucky to have a neighbor down the road that grows, processes and bottles their olive oil. When my father in law came to the states, and we introduced him to our versions of the extra virgin olive oil, like philipo berrio and other brands, he looked at me cockeyed, and said this is no first press olive oil by far, he said its not pure olive oil, and not tha same as back home….When i had found a bottle of an extra virgin brand from Greece (forgot brand), and Spain (tendre), he was like thats more like it…We currently use costco kirkland brand which is pricier, but def worth it! Incredible article dude! If you’ve got an ad blocker running, or have javascript disabled, you won’t be able to see the ads. NOTE: if the video doesn’t appear or will not play, you can view it on the CBS website, reference (9) at bottom of page. I don’t see any olive oil purveyors on your page. I really hate to disappoint all of you that want real extra virgin olive oil, and please forgive ma, but I am bound to say that your test for verifying olive oil is not true. I second the Costco organic as well. They’re not pricey at all (super affordable, really, when you consider that you’re buying by the gallon instead of a little bottle). Colavita Thanks for the great post. It has the most fruity smell too and is made in Spain. I live in Italy. How are your products kept cool during shipping? product. If your oil burns the back of your throat or tastes “funny,” it is probably pure olive oil. Turns out I’d been using rancid olive oil from bad brands. Your email address will not be published. It stayed the same colour and viscosity after an entire night in the fridge – just a little bit we had left over in a small bottle Needless to say, I’m going to be looking for another source, and one that is certified this time…. I don’t know the answer. Can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not, but I would put Costco and any other price conscious brand down as almost certainly fake. Cold pressed coconut oil, either by itself or whipped into body butter, works wonders on the skin. I bought a gallon of Chaffin Orchard olive oil for someone for Christmas last year. He’s not a mobster; he’s a friend. I’m so excited about it. Were the people who did the research using honest-to-goodness olive oil? It reveals nothing of the health benefits. There was a story several months ago on the CBS”s 60 Minutes program , describing the underground olive oil industry. I’m not being sarcastic. People are committed to it because when they find it, they realize how amazing it really is. We had a dozen oils, and a panel consisting of an importer, an Italian deli owner and a couple of eminent foodies: the results were so embarrassing and confusing the piece was never published. I refuse to buy the “imported” stuff. We use the Kirkland brand of Organic EVOO. Founder and CEO of Food Renegade, she's a passionate advocate for REAL FOOD -- food that's sustainable, organic, local, and traditionally-prepared according to the wisdom of our ancestors. Brands that failed to meet international and USDA standards for pure olive oil and are likely adulterated, The following brands met the standards back in the 2010 study, « Online & smartphone security: Fraudulent Email, A win in the GMO battle: Campbell’s will voluntarily label GMOs », Olive Oil: The Real Deal, or Adulterated/Fake,,,,,,, However, the company from whom I buy often also produces award-winning wines, so I get to sit on their covered patio, sipping my cab while looking out at their olive trees, hehe. I see you are not mention the Dauro in your article, but kind of implies it with the pic. On the positive side, you will be able to see the results of each specific olive oil brand tested and, very importantly, polyphenol values. Another question this raises is all the “healthy oil claims” made for olive oil for all these years. Also it comes in a clear bottle, another bad sign. I read somewhere–possibly Mueller’s site?–about some precautions you can take when looking for good brands. Reply. This is something that I never knew, wow, unbelievable, thanks for the info! The food industry is pretty screwed up when we have things like that being such a big problem. I battled Valley Fever for a few years and nearly died as well. After a day in the cold, neither of them hardened up or even got cloudy. Coconut oil is fabulous and really healthy to cook with. I’ve read that Spanish olive oil is less likely to be fake (virgin instead of extra virgin). However, the test failed for her. Actually, I’d put more faith in Costco than in anything on a standard grocery store shelf. EVOO does not get better with age, so only buy the freshest available and in a quantity that you will use quickly. Filippo Berio I’m in a Cultural Anthropology class and in the middle of a project using John Ikerd’s article,”The New American Food System”. What’s the likelihood of it being real? Sometimes, it’s an oil from an altogether different source — like canola oil or colza oil. Well, my Walmart brand evoo froze solid. How depressing, but I’m grateful to you for sharing this info. or olive oil from California? I’d put more faith in this article ..if it was not so vague and not pushing a product.

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